Who’s fighting for Iowa's energy future?

Iowa leads the nation in wind energy jobs—benefiting the local economy and thousands of Iowans working in the industry.

All of that is at stake if the wind energy tax credit expires.

That’s why Republicans and Democrats—from President Obama to Governor Branstad to Senators Harkin and Grassley—are fighting to extend the tax credit.

So who’s against it?

Mitt Romney would end tax credits for wind energy, raising taxes on wind producers while he protects tax breaks for big oil and companies that ship jobs overseas.

The choice for Iowa is clear: President Obama is fighting for wind energy jobs in our state, while Mitt Romney is putting those at the top ahead of our energy future.

Under Obama: #1 in the wind jobs in the country. Over $14 Million in lease payments to iowa landowners and family farmers 20% of iowa electricity generated by wind. Romney's plan: called wind a 'failure' and one of the 'most ballyhooed' forms of energy said wind tax credit was a 'boondoggle' 'I don't want to raise taxes on oil companies' - Romney

    President Obama

  • Wants to extend the wind energy tax credit
  • Invests in clean energy technology and the high-tech jobs of the future
  • Supports tax cuts for working Americans

    Mitt Romney

  • Thinks we should raise taxes on wind producers
  • Opposes new investments in clean energy
  • Supports tax breaks for big oil