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Vice President Joe Biden speaks at crowded Seattle event

By Austin Wright-Pettibone on

Vice President Joe Biden
Photo by Bill Trueit

Last Monday, Vice President Joe Biden made a special trip to Washington to speak at a fundraiser for Senator Maria Cantwell. At the fundraiser, the Vice President touched on key issues that distinguish the President from his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, ending with a reminder to all those voting in this year’s election:

“Don’t compare me to the almighty; compare me to the alternative!”

Mitt Romney has earned millions shipping jobs overseas and has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which expands coverage to millions of uninsured American citizens. In contrast, President Obama has worked hard to bring jobs back to the United States, resulting in 42 months of straight job growth.

This President has “done more for the people of the United States than any other President in the modern age,” former King County Executive Ron Sims said in remarks to OFA earlier this year.

November’s election will be one of clear contrasts. To find out how President Obama has impacted your community and fought to improve a sluggish economy despite a do- nothing Congress, click here and then get started, volunteering today.

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