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Thanks To You

By Maureen Andrade on

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Last December, I received a call from a neighborhood team leader, asking if I’d attend a meeting for OFA at her house. There, I met other people interested in helping reelect our president. The excitement in the room was energizing and, eleven months later, I can't believe how saying “Yes I can” changed my life.

Barack Obama is truly the president our country needs, and I've been blessed to watch as, throughout the year, my sons have learned the power of their voices, working to reelect a President who will stand for their values and invest in their futures.

But I would be nowhere without the scores of volunteer stories I've heard, and the dozens I've recounted, filling our blog with stories and photographs that only begin to capture what we've done.

Our volunteers make up the heart of this campaign, that much is certain - without them, we would have nothing. My heart has been often touched at their service. Capturing the stories of volunteers for the blog has been an honor, and I am deeply thankful to those who shared with me.

Thank you, Organizing for America, for the privilege to serve. I come away with new skills, new friendships, and renewed hope.

So, in closing, this is our campaign. Polls close in two hours.

Let’s get out there and win it.

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