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On How to Multiply the Effect of Your Vote

By Maureen Andrade on


Retired real estate agent Anita N. knows Vancouver like the back of her hand. Her knowledge of the community helps as she canvasses for President Obama in the final hours of the election.

“It just clicked that if I went out and canvassed it would multiply my vote,” Anita said.

Knocking on the doors of some of the same houses she once listed, she’s amused at how anachronistic volunteering feels. Bumping into former clients, she’s had many unexpected moments of connection.

“Then I had something wonderful happen. I went to the door of a woman who was discouraged and thinking we need a change. I told her that wasn’t fair to our president because things are improving. The economy is improving and things are getting better. The woman listened to me and decided the president has her vote. I went to my car and thought, ‘That’s stunning to me…just wonderful.’”

Anita’s “aha” moment inspires her to push forward in these last couple days, and she encourages everyone to get out and volunteer and vote now.

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