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On the Phone, Drumming Up Support for President Obama

By Suzy, Regional Digital Lead on

Every week you can find Emma making calls at our neighborhood phone bank in Arlington, and I have had the pleasure of sitting beside her witnessing a polished and persuasive approach. Making her way down the call list, it’s remarkable to see Emma’s success in recruiting new volunteers and Obama supporters – a unique skill that can be attributed to her steadfast support of the president and commitment to serving the community.

Emma serves as a great example of such service. As a Chicago native, Emma has volunteered in grassroots efforts of campaigns for over forty years, and even knocked on doors and made phone calls for Obama when he ran for U.S. Senate in 2004. This, along with serving on the boards of directors of several of non-profit organizations and committing time as a leader at her church, makes Emma a model for a meaningful life.

When asked what her motivation is for such dedicated service to President Obama’s re-election campaign she responded, “As an American, we should be willing to work for what we believe in. We need to get up and participate.”

Her service is also connected with her family and their future. As a mother of eight and grandmother to many more, Emma is concerned about investment in education and job retraining to ensure Americans are up to speed with technology and can compete in the world economy. Another problem she wants to end are tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. President Obama took issue with this problem in the State of the Union.

Emma says, “If we are going to make America greater, we need to keep the work in America.”

Don't be surprised to get a call from supporters like Emma, and be sure to follow her lead by getting involved.

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