Mitt Romney is championing an economic vision that benefits the wealthy few at the expense of the middle class—and he's taking that vision on a four-day, four-state bus tour. Take a look to see how Romney Economics would impact the communities he's visiting.

The end of the road

Four days, three states, one message: Mitt Romney and his new running mate, Paul Ryan, would throw the middle class under the bus.

We've met seniors who are concerned that the Republican ticket is going to end Medicare as we know it and put their health and well-being at the mercy of insurance companies. We've met small-business owners who say that business is better under President Obama's policies—and they can't afford to go back to the Republican policies that crashed the economy, raised their taxes, and kept customers away. And we met legislators from Romney's home state of Massachusetts who headed south just to caution voters against making the same mistake they did in electing Romney, a governor who ran his state's economy into the ground.

Our bus tour ends today, but we'll be holding Romney and Ryan accountable at every step of the way for the next 84 days.

*From our last stop, Tampa, Florida, it's 4,872 miles to Mitt Romney's old Swiss bank account, 584 miles to his offshore investments in the Cayman Islands, and 1,103 miles to his shell corporation in Bermuda.