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What the record shows about Romney’s position on American manufacturing

President Obama took office amidst the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression—one that had a significant impact on our manufacturing sector. But, with the President’s support, American manufacturers have now added more than half a million jobs since January 2010—the first increase in manufacturing job growth since the 1990s.

But the Romney campaign has made it clear that they’re not going to let the facts get in the way of their attacks, and have now released a new, unfounded ad “Failing American workers.” The ad blames President Obama for manufacturing job losses while completely failing to mention that the majority of those losses occurred before the President’s policies began to take effect.

The facts reveal exactly where both candidates stand when it comes to supporting American manufacturing. While President Obama has stood up to China to protect American workers, Romney has done nothing but undermine and jeopardize the manufacturing jobs he now claims to support. Take a look:

  • Romney repeatedly tried axing funding for workforce training for small manufacturers through the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP). And under Romney, Massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. The state lost manufacturing jobs at twice the national average—the third-worst rate in the country.

  • After President Obama imposed tariffs on Chinese tires in order to protect U.S jobs, Romney wrote in his book, “No Apology,” that “President Obama’s action to defend American tire companies from foreign competition may make good politics,” but that “it is decidedly bad for the nation and our workers. Protectionism stifles productivity.”

  • Romney continues to hold a stake in a Bain Capital fund that owns a Chinese surveillance company. Human rights advocates say the surveillance cameras in China are “used to intimidate and monitor political and religious dissidents.”

  • Romney called President Obama “out of touch” for encouraging young Americans to pursue manufacturing jobs. He “appeared to scoff ... at the notion of manufacturing as a job engine for the future.”

  • Romney also proposed a territorial tax system, which would eliminate taxes on U.S. companies’ foreign profits and, as one economist explained, could encourage companies to create 800,000 jobs overseas instead of here at home.

Dedicated to “Made in America,” President Obama has kept his word to help build our economy “up and down the supply chain.” He has stood up to China’s unfair trade practices more than the previous administration and even imposed stiff tariffs on Chinese tires, saving 1,200 American jobs. While Romney offers empty rhetoric, only President Obama offers a strong record of standing up for American workers.