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The letter that exposes Romney’s false welfare attack—and his incredible hypocrisy

President Obama has a record of reaching across the aisle to implement effective welfare reform that helps move people to work.

Despite the facts, Mitt Romney has falsely accused President Obama of eliminating welfare-to-work requirements. The claim has been thoroughly debunked by independent fact checkers and widely panned as blatantly false.

Romney’s attacks rely on a deliberate distortion of a federal memo that toughens, rather than loosens, welfare’s work requirements. The memo invites states to apply for waivers that would grant them more flexibility to help their poorest citizens transition from welfare to employment—in return, the states would face tougher federal standards that ensure 20% more people move into work.

Romney’s charge is false—and he knows it’s false. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed a letter in 2005 asking the federal government for the same waiver authority. Read the letter below, then share it with your friends so they can get the facts.

Romney RGA Letter