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Romney’s latest ad is refuted by his Massachusetts record

Mitt Romney’s latest ad asks: “What will be different about a Romney presidency?” As he has said himself, the best way to find that answer is to look at his record as governor of Massachusetts. Ironically, it is that record that proves Romney economics did not work in Massachusetts then, and it won’t work for America now.

Here are the facts about Romney’s Massachusetts record that undermine the chief claims he makes in his ad.

Claim: Romney will improve the economy.

Fact: Romney’s economic performance as governor was “one of the worst in the country” on “all key labor market measures.” The state not only lagged behind the whole country, but it “often ranked at or near the bottom” of the states.

Claim: Romney will address the nation’s deficit.

Fact: Not only did spending increase by an average of 6.5 percent each year under Romney, but Massachusetts’ long-term debt increased by 16.4 percent, or $2.6 billion, under his watch. Even now, Romney is proposing tax cuts that favor the wealthy that could add as much as $5 trillion to the deficit over the next ten years.

Claim: Romney’s leadership puts jobs first.

Fact: Under Romney’s leadership, Massachusetts fell to 47th out of 50 states in job creation. Massachusetts only gained 1 percent in payroll jobs over his term, as compared to 5.3 percent gained in the nation as a whole. As an independent fact checker noted, “Romney’s jobs record provides little to boast about.”

Under President Obama, the economy has seen 27 consecutive months of private sector job growth, but there is much more to be done. The difference between President Obama and a Romney presidency is that Romney will take the country back in the wrong direction.