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Romney ignores the facts about President Obama’s energy record

While pushing his own Big-Oil-approved energy plan, Mitt Romney held an energy event in Colorado in which he deliberately mislead Americans about the President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy plan to make the nation more energy independent.

No stranger to distortion, Romney once again lobbed inaccurate and misleading attacks that completely ignored the truth about the President’s energy record. Take a look at the facts that belie Romney’s rhetoric:

Gas prices:

Energy jobs

  • Under President Obama, the oil and gas industry added jobs, employing tens of thousands more people in the oil and gas extraction sector in April 2012 than it did in January 2009.

  • The Recovery Act investments in the clean energy sector created or saved 224,500 jobs as of the end of 2010.

  • Employment in the coal mining industry increased nearly 4 percent since President Obama took office, and reached a 15-year high in 2011 and in Appalachia, employment hit its highest level since 1997.


Here are a few basic facts about Romney’s position on energy:

  • Romney would maintain billions in taxpayer subsidies to his Big Oil allies, despite the fact that the oil industry is pulling in record profits.

  • Romney would repeal Wall Street reform that cracks down on oil speculators who manipulate the energy futures market and will cap the oil supplies that traders can control.

  • Romney attacked the fuel efficiency standards which will help save drivers thousands at the pump by 2025.

  • Romney pledged to cut off President Obama’s clean energy investments in technologies ranging from clean coal to wind and solar.