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Romney and Ryan lead a party that’s extreme on issues important to the middle class

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the leaders of the Republican Party—a party that recently reaffirmed the values and policies that define its core. As the New York Times wrote in an editorial, the GOP platform this year is not only incredibly extreme and aggressive, it is “the current face” Romney is presenting to the American people. After all, it was “written at the direction of Romney’s campaign.”

So what makes this GOP platform so “mean-spirited,” “intolerant,” and detrimental to the middle class? Here’s a look at what the GOP wants to see happen under a Romney-Ryan administration:

On middle class taxes:

  • No protection for homeowners: Republicans refused to include the 2008 platform’s support for the preservation of the mortgage interest tax deduction that currently benefits over 30 million middle-class families.

On investing in American industry:

  • No support for creating clean energy jobs: The GOP rejected including the wind production tax credit—a business tax credit that supports American businesses who are helping move this country towards energy independence, and one that’s even supported by many Republicans.

On health care for middle-class seniors:

  • Medicare into vouchers: The GOP championed turning Medicare into a voucher-like program, similar to the Romney-Ryan plan. These policies would force seniors to pay more out-of-pocket for their health care costs.

On women’s health and women’s rights:

  • Anti-choice: The GOP approved the inclusion of the Human Life Amendment in its platform, an anti-choice bill that would ban all abortions without exception for rape or incest. The platform also includes a “salute” to states that have passed “informed consent” laws like Virginia’s, in which women seeking an abortion must first undergo an ultrasound.

On immigration

  • Anti-DREAM: Kris Kobach, Romney’s immigration adviser and the author of Arizona’s anti-immigration law SB 1070, called on the GOP to make sure they included opposition to in-state tuition for some undocumented young people and so-called sanctuary cities. Kobach declared his additions to be “consistent with” the Romney campaign.

On LGBT rights

  • Anti-equality: The GOP affirmed its commitment to banning marriage equality and rejected an amendment that would have allowed for civil unions. Gov. Bob McDonnell, the head of the Republican National convention’s platform committee, even denied a retired Navy Captain from testifying before the committee on how the Defense of Marriage Act affected her and her wife.

The fact that this platform was “written at the direction of the Romney campaign” only further highlights how extreme Romney and Ryan are on important issues that impact every American. Ultimately, it underscores Romney and Ryan’s top priority: enacting trillions in tax cuts geared towards the wealthy. Everyone else is left out, or left to pick up the tab.