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Republican attack roundup

Before the GOP candidates take the stage for yet another debate tonight, let’s recap some of the outrageous claims and clueless attacks on President Obama’s record they made at the last one last weekend:

Romney once again displayed a blatant disregard for the truth: “This is a President who has not, at this stage, put forward a plan to get this economy going again,” he said. In reality, the economy has seen 21 consecutive months of private sector job growth under President Obama’s leadership. Add to that the fact that the President has proposed a comprehensive plan to help get Americans back to work and make important investments in education and infrastructure, and you have to wonder where the former governor is getting his information.

Newt Gingrich spent some of his stage time at the last debate attacking President Obama’s energy record, saying that the President’s plan involves producing “no American energy.” Sorry Newt, but the facts speak for themselves: Under President Obama, domestic oil is at its highest level since 2003 and natural gas production has reached a historically high level.

Ron Paul decided to play his part with the bizarre claim that President Obama is “pretending” to end the war in Iraq. There’s nothing fabricated about the President’s commitment to bringing American troops home from Iraq by the end of this year—fulfilling a central promise to bring a war that has lasted nearly nine years to a responsible end.

This same cast of characters will be at it again tonight, and they’ll be using the same old script: Baseless assertions about President Obama and his record. No matter what they say, it’s sure to be entertaining.

Stay tuned.