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President Obama combats China’s unfair auto trade policies

The Obama administration is filing a trade case with the World Trade Organization (WTO) to hold China accountable for unfair trade policies that are hurting American auto workers. Here are the key facts to share with friends on why the President is standing up to China’s unfair trade practices and why Romney would not:

  1. China has imposed more than $3 billion in unfair duties on more than 80 percent of our auto exports to China, including cars made in cities like Toledo, OH, and Detroit and Lansing, MI.

  2. China’s unfair policies are disproportionately weighted against GM and Chrysler because of actions President Obama took to bet on the American worker and rescue the auto industry, saving more than a million jobs up and down the supply chain. When the auto industry was on the brink of collapse, Romney bet against American workers and wanted to “let Detroit go bankrupt.”

  3. President Obama has consistently pressured China on its unfair trade policies, creating a new trade enforcement unit to hold countries like China accountable. He’s brought trade cases against China at nearly twice the rate of the Bush administration, and recently won several WTO cases against China’s unfair trade practices.

  4. Romney wants to have it both ways on China trade enforcement. While President Obama has defended our tire and steel industries against unfair Chinese practices, Romney has attacked the President for enforcing trade laws against China and standing up for American tire workers, calling it “bad for the nation and our workers.”

  5. Romney’s policies would hurt American workers and businesses. He wants to start a trade war with China, which even his fellow conservatives have called “wrongheaded,” “a remarkably bad idea,” and “wise to avoid.” Now he claims he’ll be tough on China, but he still holds investments in Chinese companies—even after his aides claimed to have dumped up to $1.5 million in personal investments there.