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Mitt Romney’s dishonest debate

Whether he was talking about taxes, health care, Medicare, education, or clean energy, Mitt Romney didn’t tell the voters the truth in the first presidential debate. Take a look at the videos highlighting his brazen dishonesty, then share it with your friends so they can get the facts.

Romney falsely claimed his tax plan wouldn’t raise taxes for the middle class, despite the fact that multiple independent experts say that’s the only way he could pay for his $5 trillion tax cut favoring the wealthy:

Incredibly, Romney even denied the existence of his plan’s well-established $5 trillion tax cut:

Romney intentionally misled voters about his health care plan because he doesn’t want Americans to know he wouldn’t protect those with pre-existing conditions:

Romney tried to hide his plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system—which could cost seniors at least $6,000 a year—behind the widely discredited claim that President Obama cut Medicare:

Romney claimed he wants more teachers, but we know that’s not true. For months Romney’s been saying he thinks we ought to “cut back” on teachers:

And when it came to clean energy, Romney’s claims weren’t even close to the truth: