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Leader of new “Swift Boat” attacks is a birther

A small number of new conservative groups are attempting to use “Swift Boat”-style tactics to smear President Obama’s national security record. The founding members of these groups have long-standing ties to the Republican Party and are dedicated solely to the defeat of President Obama. In fact, as Foreign Policy reported, Special Operations Speaks founder Larry Bailey—one of the minds behind the disgraceful “Swift Boat” attacks on Sen. John Kerry in 2004—is a birther who believes that there is “absolutely no question” President Obama is not who he says he is:

“I have to admit that I’m a Birther,” said SOS founder Larry Bailey, a retired 27-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, in an interview. “If there were a jury of 12 good men and women and the evidence were placed before them, there would be absolutely no question Barack Obama was not born where he said he was and is not who he says he is.” ...

Bailey isn’t shy about his dislike of Obama personally and admits freely that his extensive efforts to mobilize special operations veterans and their supporters around the country is rooted in his personal dislike of the president and his desire to see him replaced.

Bailey’s deep-seated belief in wild conspiracy theories may not stop Republicans from embracing him or his tactics, but it certainly exposes the motivations behind these “Swift Boat” attacks and discredits the people behind them.