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Latest attack about the President’s birthplace ignores the facts on record

The disreputable, right-wing site has a history of making inflammatory and discredited attacks on President Obama. Now, they’re citing an errant work to push the false idea about President Obama’s public image while drudging up the birther conspiracy.

Claim: Breitbart bloggers claim the President was trying to “manipulate his public persona” by citing an “errant” 1991 literary booklet describing him as being born in Kenya. While senior management of the website state that they know the President was born in Hawaii, they blame the media for refusing to examine his “carefully crafted persona.” The birther website WND is now trying to use’s story as “proof” of their now well-debunked myth that President Obama was not born in the United States.

Fact: The Breitbart bloggers chose to ignore the very clear facts that belie their claim.

  • The literary agent who put together the 1991 pamphlet in question noted that, “there was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.” The mistake in the pamphlet was the result of “nothing more than a fact checking error” by the agent.

  • Despite the Breitbart bloggers’ claim that the booklet was an attempt to manipulate some carefully crafted persona, numerous news outlets had already reported the President as Hawaiian-born. A year before the pamphlet’s release in 1991, a New York Times article on Barack Obama’s election to head the Harvard Law Review reported correctly, “Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii.”

Breitbart bloggers make names for themselves by launching outlandish and highly-ridiculed attacks on political figures. One of the site’s editors said that the President was"our first ideological Muslim President” and called him an “anti-semitic son of a bitch.” Recently, the site even tried to claim that the President was a radical simply because he hugged one of his professors.

This latest claim is just one more in the sites’ series of manufactured attacks.