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How Romney puts women’s economic security at risk

“The Life of Julia” is a new online tool that allows Americans to see how President Obama’s policies help women from childhood through retirement. Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter explains exactly how Mitt Romney’s policies do the opposite, jeopardizing the health and economic security of women across the country.


When it comes to health care and economic security, there’s a clear choice for women in this election. “The Life of Julia” tool lets women see how both President Obama and Mitt Romney’s policies would affect a typical middle-class woman at each step in her life. The choice for women is crystal clear.

President Obama, who was raised by a single mother and is the father of two girls, has fought every day to strengthen women’s economic security and empower them to make their own health care decisions. Mitt Romney supports handing over women’s health care decisions to their bosses, promises to defund Planned Parenthood, and has failed to lay out a single proposal that would create more jobs for women now.

Women can’t afford to turn back the clock by electing Mitt Romney. If they do, as “The Life of Julia” makes clear, here’s a snapshot of what’s in store.

  • Romney would raise taxes on working families: Romney’s $5 trillion in tax breaks would give the wealthiest Americans a tax cut 900 times larger than what he’d give middle-class families. At the same time, his plan would actually raise taxes on 18 million working families.

  • Romney supports a budget that’d severely cut critical middle-class investments: Romney endorsed the Ryan Budget, which could slash spending on middle-class investments by nearly 20 percent in 2014. If applied across the board, those cuts would mean further layoffs of teachers (about two-thirds of which are women), and it would cut Pell Grants by about $1,000 per student (women make up 57 percent of Pell Grant recipients). These cuts could also deny 1.8 million mothers and their children access to healthy food through the Women, Infants and Children program.

  • Romney would weaken women’s economic security: Women make up a majority of Medicare enrollees and Social Security recipients over 62. Romney would end Medicare as we know it by replacing seniors’ guaranteed benefits with a voucher system—a plan similar to ones that raise seniors’ out-of-pocket health care costs by $6,350 a year. Romney would also cut Social Security benefits for future retirees, which could cost $2,400 a year for a typical woman in her forties and $4,700 for one in her twenties.

  • Romney would threaten women’s health care and health choices: Romney’s pledge to “kill” Obamacare would take us back to the days when health insurance companies could refuse to cover women with pre-existing conditions like breast cancer or diabetes, cancel women’s policies if they got sick, deny them coverage, or charge women more than men for the same care simply because of their gender.

  • Romney has not presented any ideas for getting women back to work now: While there’s more work to be done, men and women have benefited from 26 consecutive months of job growth in which businesses have created more than 4.2 million new private sector jobs. Romney’s economic plans lack any ideas for creating jobs now and building on the current recovery. In fact, Romney has a record of sending jobs overseas rather than creating them here at home.

President Obama has a strong record of supporting job opportunities for women and creating an economy that’s built to last, where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded regardless of gender. As Mitt Romney has said himself, he would do the exact “opposite” of what the President is doing if he’s elected.

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