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Five times Romney got it wrong when the President got it right on foreign policy

Mitt Romney says that Americans and our allies abroad “will not have doubts” about where he stands and what he’ll do to safeguard U.S. interests. But when it comes to foreign policy, Romney has often stood on the wrong side of President Obama’s effective leadership.

The commander-in-chief only gets one chance to make the right decision on foreign policy challenges. Here are just five of the many times when President Obama made the right call while Romney got it wrong:

1. The President made the decision to pursue and bring Osama bin Laden to justice. Romney said it was “not worth moving heaven and earth” to find bin Laden. [Source: TIME]

2.The President put in place the most “crippling sanctions” on Iran. Romney elected to invest in companies that did business in Iran. [Source: AP]

3.When President Obama imposed tariffs to protect American workers from unfair trade practices,  Romney called such policies “bad for the nation.” [Source: Mitt Romney, “No Apology”]

4.The President has worked with Russia to secure loose nuclear materials, put sanctions on Iran, and supply our troops in Afghanistan. Romney called Russia America’s “number one geopolitical foe.” [Source: ABC News]

5.The President brought the troops home from Iraq and is drawing down troops from Afghanistan. Romney called the Iraq withdrawal “tragic” and thinks troops should stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. [Source: Foreign Policy]