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Fact check: Workers made middle-class incomes while at GST Steel

Mitt Romney lived by one principle during his time as a corporate buyout specialist—as long as he and his investors made millions, it did not matter if companies went bankrupt and workers were laid off. Now, conservatives are attacking some of those very same workers who are speaking out against Romney’s model of economics.

They falsely claim that in 1997 these workers, who lost their jobs when GST Steel went bankrupt under Romney and his partner’s ownership, “milked overtime for 100-130k salaries.”

The attack points to one employee who worked at GST Steel for a few months during a strike. The facts, however, tell the real story.

  • False: GST Steel employees used overtime to bring in $100,000 to $130,000 salaries.

  • Fact: The average salary for GST Steel workers in Kansas City was $45,000 a year, while the average salary for Georgetown Steel workers was $33,000. [Source: The Post And Courier, 10/18/97]

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