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“Dreams from My Real Father” peddles ridiculous conspiracy theories about President Obama

Recently, homes in America have been mailed DVDs of “Dreams From My Real Father,” a “documentary” that makes offensive and downright ridiculous claims about President Obama and his family. The man behind the film, right-wing activist Joel Gilbert, has a long history of trumpeting bizarre conspiracy theories and producing films that are packaged as documentaries but peddle outright falsehoods. With the help of anonymous backers who are under no obligation to disclose their identities, Gilbert has made every effort to smear President Obama with his own myths and re-writing of history. Americans should not be fooled.

For those unfamiliar with his past works, Gilbert’s previous films include include “Elvis Found Alive”—in which he claims to have recently interviewed Elvis Presley—and “Paul McCartney Really Is Dead,” in which he concludes that a “surgically altered body double” has been masquerading as the former Beatles singer. Despite these incredible claims, Gilbert insisted his work was not a joke.

With that sort of résumé, it may not be surprising that Gilbert has produced a movie asserting President Obama is a part of a secret Communist plot to infiltrate the United States, overthrow the government, and destroy capitalism. At the beginning of “Dreams from My Real Father,” Gilbert describes his allegations as “re-creations of probable events, using reasoned logic, speculation, and approximated conversations.” In other words: lies. The claims in this movie are no truer than the latest Elvis sighting.

While President Obama’s grandfather served in Patton’s army, he was never the undercover CIA agent Gilbert portrays in the film. His father, Barack Obama Sr.—already the subject of a disgraceful attack film earlier this year—did not participate in a cover-up to conceal the President’s real father.

Most insulting of all, Gilbert makes disgusting and false claims about graphic photos he says depict the President’s mother; they do not. In fact, the photos were published before she ever moved to Hawaii when she would have been only 15 years old.

Joel Gilbert has a long history of trumpeting shameful, embarrassing conspiracy theories. Funded by anonymous donors and promoted by several Tea Party groups, Gilbert and “Dreams from My Real Father” are nothing more than the latest attempt to falsely smear President Obama by advancing contrived attacks completely detached from reality. After four years of calling President Obama every name in the book, right-wing conspiracy theorists like Gilbert have hit rock bottom, reduced to throwing everything they can at the wall to see what lies will stick.