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Debunking the GOP: Negative ad blatantly ignores promises the President has kept

The Republican National Committee is launching a misleading, negative ad that distorts or blatantly ignores President Obama’s record. The ad is entirely based on the false claim that the President has not kept any of the promises he made four years ago.

The ad reveals just how much the RNC needs the American people to ignore the President’s record. In reality, President Obama has delivered on promises he made in 2008:

These are just a few of the promises the President kept—and the RNC is completely ignoring. Of course, the ad merely reflects the increasingly negative tactics that Mitt Romney and the GOP must rely on to malign the President and bolster their image in the public eye. As GOP strategist Nelson Warfield said himself, “It’s clear the negative ads are what’s keeping [Romney] alive,” adding that even Republican voters “will not vote for Mitt Romney unless they are forced into it. And the way they’re forced into it is when he beats the other guy senseless.”

Taking that warning to heart, Romney is using his vast wealth and deep-pocketed allies to unleash “ceaseless barrage of negative advertisements” on any and all candidates that stand in his way of the presidency. The Romney campaign has “deployed every tactic in the negative-campaign playbook,” and the GOP and super PACs are bent on following suit.

Super PACs like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads or Americans for Prosperity have already spent millions on the presidential race and plan to spend hundreds of millions more. Seventy-two percent of their millions has already been spent on negative ads.

So the fact that the GOP is ratcheting up its negative attacks on the President is not surprising, but it is sacrificing the truth to do it.