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Debate cheat sheet: Mitt Romney’s false attacks

Rather than offer any specifics at the debates, Mitt Romney will rely on canned “zingers” to smear the President’s record and distract voters from his plan to double down on the failed trickle-down policies of the past. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you cut through five of Romney’s most egregious false attacks:

  1. Small business: President Obama has consistently fought to help small businesses grow by cutting taxes and making it easier for them to invest and create jobs. As independent fact checkers and news organizations have repeatedly noted, Romney intentionally took the President’s words out of context in an attempt to imply that the President was somehow insulting small business owners—rather than discussing the crucial public investments that help them grow. Take a look at what the President actually said and learn more about the stark contrast between President Obama’s support for small businesses and Romney’s plan that would make it harder for small businesses to hire and expand.

  2. Medicare: Even though the claim has been thoroughly debunked, Romney continues to charge that President Obama “robbed” $716 billion from Medicare. That’s just false. The facts show that Obamacare reduces the rate of growth in Medicare spending by eliminating waste and inefficiencies—the $716 billion is a projection of the savings incurred by reducing future spending over a period of 10 years. Every single guaranteed benefit remains in place. Romney, on the other hand, has proposed turning Medicare into a voucher system, which could raise retirees’ annual costs by more than $6,000 a year—based on an analysis of his current plan. Romney’s categorically false attack cannot hide the fact that he and Paul Ryan would force seniors to pay more out of pocket for their Medicare benefits. Click here to learn more about this attack.

  3. Welfare: President Obama is a strong supporter of welfare-to-work programs. He recently gave states flexibility to help move more people from assistance to employment as quickly as possible—a policy that many Republican governors, including Romney himself, have requested. But Romney has decided to falsely—and repeatedly—claim that the President has somehow weakened welfare-to-work requirements—an allegation that independent fact checkers declared “mind-boggling,” “blatantly false,” and “a huge and shameless deception.” Click here to learn more about this patently false attack.

  4. Health care: President Obama signed the health care law to make health care affordable for all Americans and ensure that insurance companies will no longer deny someone coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Even though the health care reform Mitt Romney championed in Massachusetts is the model for Obamacare, Romney has taken to launching a series of false statements and distortions about the law in order to score political points. Here are the facts: Obamacare improves the private health care system, strengthens the insurance plan you currently have, reduces the deficit, and offers the largest middle-class tax cut for health care in history. Click here to see what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to Obamacare.

  5. Taxes: In an effort to distract from voters from his own “mathematically impossible” tax plan, Romney has been keen on falsely smearing the President’s record on taxes. But the facts show that President Obama has cut taxes by $3,600 for the typical middle-class family over his first term and signed 18 tax cuts for small businesses. Romney even admitted it himself when he told voters in Ohio that there is “one thing [President Obama] did not do in his first four years…which is to raise taxes.” In contrast to President Obama’s plan, which cuts taxes for 98% of American families while asking the wealthiest few to pay their fair share to help pay down the deficit, Romney’s plan would give a $5 trillion tax cut weighted towards millionaires and billionaires paid for by raising taxes on middle-class families with kids by an average of $2,000.