Bryan, TX

My family arrived to the US in 1996 looking for what every immigrant looks for when they come here... THE AMERICAN DREAM.... my brother and I attended… Read More


Robert C.

Valparaiso, IN

My parents were first generation Americans. Their parents were from Poland, Ukraine, and Lithuania. My parents were quite poor. My dad never went to h… Read More


Deanna S.

Chico, CA

A chance. That is all any immigrant seeking a life in this country wants. A chance.


Paul W.

Highlands Ranch, CO

My great great grandparents came over from Scotland. They were farmers who couldnt earn a living, literally (as in if they didn't leave they would sta… Read More

IFFCA Red carpet with my awesome actors, Danielle Spring and Jared Vandenberg :-) - I Never said I love you

Olavo J.

Los Angeles, CA

My story began back in 2007, when I came from Brazil to United States. I came with work visa. It sou… Read More


Hugo S.

Coral Gables, FL

I came to the USA in 1998 following my dream to study music. In 2001 I auditioned for the music depa… Read More

My 3 lOvEs<3

Nancy S.

Oxnard, CA

I was born in California, but my parents immigrated from Mexico back in 1989. I married a wonderful… Read More


Tommy A.

Miami, FL

I am one of the lucky ones. <br />My parants came here to work on a green card in the early 80's, and when the sunshine of Florida embraced my n… Read More


Arturo D.

Houston, TX

I was brought to this country at 9yrs old for a better life. I am now 22 years of age, I went to sc… Read More

Gator game with la Familia y Hermosa #GoGators #20YearsYoung #Blessed #Love

Diego C.

Gainesville, FL

There was a strong fear and desperation in our hearts. We were traumatized, confused, hurt, and afra… Read More


Talmage E.

Swanton, OH

My wife came from Tanzania to teach Swahili at Ohio University in 2003 under a J1 visa. We met and married in 2004. Although she had taught at Harvard… Read More


Nicole (.

Rocklin, CA

I'm a second generation Mexican-American. My maternal grandparents crossed the Mexican border to Arizona. Grandpa's mother was single raising childr… Read More


Antoinette M.

Magna, UT

Like so many people in America, my family came over here from another country. They were not made welcome in the long run but they made a home for the… Read More


Nancy O.

Plant City, FL

I was brought to this country from Mexico when I was 15 years old. <br /><br />I am an u… Read More


shelley o.

Littleton, CO

If today's immigration laws were in effect in the 1930's, I would not exist. My paternal great grandfather was a prosperous farmer in easter Europe. H… Read More