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Yesica R.

Las Vegas, NV

I am an undocumented immigrant like many others in this country. Everyone is here for different reas… Read More


Claudia S.

Mansfield Center, CT

My Immigration Story:<br /><br />As a young boy in Uruguay, my father always dreamed of traveling. He would save all his money to someday… Read More

My grandparents. Yep.. Biking in a suit just like any other day hah

Danny K.

Mount Pleasant, MI

My mother's mother, my grandmother, was a refugee of Palestine. During her early lifetime, life was… Read More


Cesar F.

Tucson, AZ

My name is Cesar FIerros, I am a first generation American, my parents came from Mexico a land of po… Read More


Corabelle A.

Ardmore, PA

My story began in 2001, at the age of 14. I arrived in North Carolina. My mom worked odd, often demeaning jobs to pay the rent and put food on the tab… Read More


tracy r.

Edgewater, OH

My Great-great grandfather came to this country as part of the great wave of Irish Immigrants in the 1840's. In their own country the were treated li… Read More


Kristina C.

East Haven, CT

I am a fourth generation Italian-American who grew up on both of our great coasts. My great-grandparents came to the East Coast from Italy with the d… Read More


Hamza S.

Middletown, PA

I'm Hamza Sial, an eighteen year old freshman at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in petroleum engineering. I was born and raised in Walling… Read More


Juan G.

Bridgeport, CT

I am Juan Gonzalez <br /><br />And here's my story <br /> I am a 17 year old… Read More

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DEFEAT SB 458 ! Elizabeth speaks at Press Conference at Georgia Capitol Feb.28th.2012

Elizabeth G.

Athens, GA

My name is Elizabeth. I came to the United States when I was five. Like most immigrants, my parents… Read More


Markus R.

Washington, DC

My family moved to the United States when I was 10 years old, because my father found greater career opportunities here. As a scientist, he was offere… Read More


S M.

Iowa City, IA

First and foremost, my family and I feel indebted to the USA for everything that we have, which is why we'd like to continue to make useful contributi… Read More


Jack G.

Washington, DC

I was born in the United States and choose to remain because I believe in the rule of law and liberty for all people, and because most of us here choo… Read More



Washington, DC

I am an Irish born female who applied for the Green Card lottery in Ireland in 2005. It was my 2nd attempt to try fulfil a dream of working in the USA… Read More

Fengs picture for barackobama. com/stories

Feng L.

Tucson, AZ

Mr. Feng Liang’s story" <br /> I come here today to share my families’ story,… Read More