Calvin A.

Bloomington, IN

I'm a fifteen year old boy. I am one of the lucky ones. My parents have made a point of living in a town where violence is low, educating me on how… Read More


Susan G.

Olive Branch, MS

Children deserve a right to grow up and go to school, to the park, to the movie theatre, to a shopping center, to go everywhere without having to worr… Read More


Danielle H.

Eureka, CA

My mother was the most wonderful woman in the world. She had four grandsons, her sister, her mother, her brother; all of us counted HER as our best fr… Read More


Jeffrey S.

Chicago, IL

Late in the afternoon of January 2nd, 2007, I received a call from my mother. I could hardly understand what she was trying to tell me: her only siste… Read More


Mary R.

Coral Gables, FL

My 12-year-old son's letter to President Obama:<br />"Dear Mr. President, Our nation needs stricter gun laws immediately. A little over a m… Read More

Samuel writing Valentine's to his legislators

Jennifer S.

Landover, MD

I have a four-year-old. I pray every day when I drop him off at pre-k, that he'll be safe. I don't w… Read More


Gretta W.

Rohrerstown, PA

In the early morning of Thursday April 24, 2003, I was getting ready for elementary school and my mom had the news on while she was getting ready for… Read More


Ella T.

Chagrin Falls, OH

No personal story--I just want to see things move forward in this country on gun control. Too many innocent children and families have suffered at the… Read More


Hattie G.

Laupahoehoe, HI

Guns have taken more lives than terrorism has. Guns in the hands of our own citizens are more of a danger to us and our children than terrorists are.… Read More


renee c.

Minnetonka, MN

We must make sure that everyone has the same rules for applying for a gun...not different rules for different people. My family is a military family… Read More


Don P.

Columbia, SC

On the morning of the January 26th, 2013, I made my way on to the third floor of the hospital after learning that my nephew, Brandon, had been shot. A… Read More


Nancy G.

Chestnut Hill, MA

My minister's son was shot to death as an undergrad, leaving behind a wife, an infant son, and heartbroken parents. He was in the wrong place at the… Read More


Susan S.

Pittsfield, MA

I am a registered nurse who has cared for victims of violence, including gun violence. The general public does not have education regarding the menta… Read More


Darlene B.

Acton, MA

Recently my dad died--I live in Massachusetts and he lived in New Hampshire. As part of taking care of his estate I needed to to sell his guns in a s… Read More


Anna H.

Arlington, MA

I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, and never saw any sign of gun violence in that small protected town. But as I got older I lived first in London,… Read More