Katherine H.

Arlington, MA

As a fifth grade teacher, I relate to the latest tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut as most people cannot. I have never felt unsafe where I work though w… Read More


Jack E.

Chesapeake, VA

During the SOTU message, I saw Peter Read in the audience. He is the father of Mary Read, one of the shooting victims from VA Tech. She was my student… Read More


nancy m.

Grand Rapids, MI

My brother was a Freshman at University of Michigan. He lived in the dorms and shared a room with his friend, Ed.<br />Another boy down the hall… Read More


Miranda K.

Lafayette, CO

I had never been to Littleton, Colorado before, but the day Columbine happened I had an appointment one block away from the school. I was 22 and had… Read More


Dylan P.

Campbell, CA

Today would've been my younger brother's 23rd birthday. However it is not because Rory was the victim of gun violence in Northern California a few mon… Read More


Stephanie M.

Concord, MA

On a sunny day when I was an elementary student, I heard a loud bang. It was the morning of our annual block party when my neighbors in an idyllic co… Read More


Melyssa Jo K.

Iowa City, IA

In Oakland, CA, I sat in a packed 400 seat theatre, and watched every single middle school, high school and community college student raise their hand… Read More


Melissa K.

Decatur, GA

My heart breaks for every person who is subject to useless violence in our country and across the globe. When I see the faces of children at Newtown,… Read More


Rachel S.

Portland, OR

Our high school was devastated two years ago when a student of mine was gunned down near the mall where he was hanging out with friends. Much like th… Read More


Jim G.

Jersey City, NJ

As a former Master Sergeant of the USAF Pararescue, I don't believe that I should be afraid that a civilian can shoot me dead in the street. The only… Read More


Joanna S.

Reston, VA

After Newtown, I decided the NRA had held power far too long--and had stood in the way of meaningful gun reform, which has allowed so many criminals a… Read More


Rev. Kathleen G.

Brewster, MA

I tell this story for a friend whose son has been scarred by gun violence. His best friend came home from college and shot himself using his parent's… Read More


Margaret H.

Northborough, MA

On a trauma team, at the head of the patient, I've had dying young men say to me "I'm dying aren't I?" And I've had to say "We're tryin… Read More


Tim M.

Framingham, MA

Shooting BB guns was a right of passage for a 12 year boy. I couldn't wait to get one, and I remember that Christmas morning when I saw the long, bow-… Read More


Nancy G.

Carmel, CA

Gun Control is a serious and complicated issue. I oppose ALL violence. But that said, I believe that we need to keep guns from criminals and those adu… Read More