renee c.

Minnetonka, MN

We must make sure that everyone has the same rules for applying for a gun...not different rules for different people. My family is a military family… Read More


Joyce B.

Mc Kinney, TX

Our adult son was born with the birth defect, Spina Bifida, 44 years ago, and in his 20's was diagno… Read More

My Love Ones!!❤

Yesica R.

Las Vegas, NV

I am an undocumented immigrant like many others in this country. Everyone is here for different reas… Read More


Tom S.

Boulder, CO

My son Alex was murdered on 7/20 at the place we as a family spent many of his birthday’s, a m… Read More

Annie Z. from CO

Annie Z.

Nederland, CO

I am a nurse and a cancer survivor. When I had the abnormal Pap smear result that ultimately led to… Read More

Missn my CoCo..

Jeaniqua J.

Danville, VA

My son, Lamonte "CoCo" Stone, age 14, as well as many other sons and daughters, was an inn… Read More


Lauren O.

Ridgefield, CT

On December 14, 2012, the world lost 20 beautiful children and 6 dedicated educators in Sandy Hook E… Read More


Ryan D.

Saint Petersburg, FL

I am a 33 yr old engineer originally from Kansas City and now living in St Petersburg, FL. The 2008… Read More


Claudia S.

Mansfield Center, CT

My Immigration Story:<br /><br />As a young boy in Uruguay, my father always dreamed of traveling. He would save all his money to someday… Read More

My grandparents. Yep.. Biking in a suit just like any other day hah

Danny K.

Mount Pleasant, MI

My mother's mother, my grandmother, was a refugee of Palestine. During her early lifetime, life was… Read More

Kory and mommy in rocking chair 2004

Patty B.

Dallas, TX

My son Kory is the happiest, most purely loving being I’ve ever known. He has Down syndrome, s… Read More


Sesily C.

Riverdale, GA

My name is Sesily Coleman and I became a widow at the age of 33. On January 20, 2008, my husband, A… Read More

Me and My Mom. The Best Mom On The Planet!

Dawnetta M. V.

Silver Spring, MD

My mother was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago. This disease combined with her congestive hea… Read More


Cesar F.

Tucson, AZ

My name is Cesar FIerros, I am a first generation American, my parents came from Mexico a land of po… Read More

Ashwani from MD

Ashwani J.

Perry Point, MD

As a cancer survivor, a person under the age of 26, a recent college graduate, and an American, Obam… Read More

Grandpa Tom made cinnamon rolls. YUM!

Beth S.

Springfield, IL

I am a proud 38 year old mother to a beautiful 2.5 year old girl who was born at 27 weeks. Since tha… Read More