Consuela T.

Canton, GA

A year after giving birth to my son I was laid off. I received unemployment for a year and was not able to get to get any help after that. I have slow… Read More


Kelly P.

Berea, KY

I was laid off from a factory in Kentucky and replaced by a temperary worker. I have 2 kids at home and now I can't pay my rent, food, buy gas or insu… Read More


Lori W.

Pleasant Valley, IA

After 16 years of employment with the same company, my position was eliminated forcing me to collect unemployment benefits for the first time in my li… Read More


Kevin K.

Atlanta, GA

I'm a laid-off professional who is unable to secure even a minimum wage job. I continue to hear the term "overqualified" I am NOT looking fo… Read More


chester c.

Tavares, FL

Hi my name is chester im a 17 year old male that have always been picked on and bullied all my lkfe and called gay and all kinds of bad. Names and now… Read More


Erin J.

Silver Spring, MD

I have been unemployed since June 2013. Myself, along with the entire marketing department, was laid off due to budgetary reasons. I have not been abl… Read More


Benjamin D.

Ringgold, GA

In May 2013, the factory that I had worked at for 6 years closed. It had been in service for almost 40 years. My father worked there for close to 20 y… Read More


Cynthia R.

Gilbertsville, PA

In Feb. 2013 I lost my job, since that day I have done nothing but sit and search and apply for jobs. But as a single mother who is 47 years old who… Read More