Jack G.

Washington, DC

I was born in the United States and choose to remain because I believe in the rule of law and liberty for all people, and because most of us here choo… Read More



Washington, DC

I am an Irish born female who applied for the Green Card lottery in Ireland in 2005. It was my 2nd attempt to try fulfil a dream of working in the USA… Read More


Eileen F.

Ashburn, VA

To some it may seem like a small thing, but for me and my family, it is so important. My husband and I have 4 children, ages 14 - 22. We are so gratef… Read More

Fengs picture for barackobama. com/stories

Feng L.

Tucson, AZ

Mr. Feng Liang’s story" <br /> I come here today to share my families’ story,… Read More


Jared A.

Washington, DC

Photos of the Pope and JFK adorn the walls of my aunts and uncles in Ludlow, MA—the former because of a devout Catholic upbringing, and the latt… Read More


Jonathan G.

Lexington, KY

My family is from Hamat Lebanon, and my great-great grandparents came in the 1910's during WWI. They were persecuted and called 'Jew Babies' for years… Read More


Serena D.

Saint Charles, MO

It’s amazing how fast your life can change. You can have everything and then in the blink of a… Read More


carlos v.

Bothell, WA

i been in the usa since i was 13 years old. now im 36 and still have no legal status in this country. i went to high school and some college, tried to… Read More


Cheryl F.

White River Junc, VT

I have been a proud American for many generations. My my great grandmother came with her family from England so that first her father, and then her h… Read More


Carolyn N.

Gadsden, AL

As a high school science teacher, I spent the last 20 or so years observing changes in our weather patterns which has resulted in a change in our clim… Read More


Jamie R.

Bronxville, NY

My husband and I have lived in our house since 1972. The property has a stream running behind it about 100 feet away from our house, which had never… Read More


John C.

Santa Ynez, CA

I live in the Santa Ynez Valley of Central Coast California. We are definitely experiencing the affects of climate change. The alteration of path of… Read More


Douglas T.

Santa Fe, NM

I grew up on a family cattle ranch in northern New Mexico. Snow melt from the southern Rockies is what sustained our farming and ranching operation ov… Read More

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Sami's Story

Sami R.

Saint Louis Park, MN

On September 27th, 2012, I was taking a bus to go visit a friend and potentially future school, the… Read More


Kim C.

Ashburn, VA

My son is almost 5 years old, he has had 21 major surgeries in his life. At the age of 13 months hi… Read More