Gila S.

Menifee, CA

I am a first generation American. My husband is an immigrant from Israel, who has lived here since 1960. Our son is married to an immigrant.<br /&g… Read More

Sheryl crow and I are now best friends. We're making 90s style friendship bracelets

Will K.

San Diego, CA

In 2010, I was in my final year at Cal State Fullerton, 23 years old, and set for a promising career… Read More


S D.

Mission Viejo, CA

My name is SD and I am a legal alien in United States. I came to US from India as a student. I studied Information Systems from one of the best busine… Read More


Patricia M.

San Francisco, CA

I came here to the US in 2000. Soon after I was approved for an H1B Visa to expire in 2004. My H1B Visa expired when my employer then could not help m… Read More


Rosaura I.

Visalia, CA

Estoy muy triste de mirar como las personas en el poder no an entendido de la importancia de una reforma migratoria hay personas que tienen mas de 20… Read More

Vacation faces with @aishashaya

Aisha S.

Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I have lived in Los Angeles for 4 years because he is a student at UCLA. He is gradua… Read More


Will A.

Corona, CA

I am 24 years old and I was in the hospital recently with a ruptured appendix. I am fortunately still able to be on my parents health plan because of… Read More


vj s.

La Quinta, CA

In 1987 when I was 26 years old I had breast cancer. Being self-employed I had a "cadillac" policy. I had to keep it because for 26 years I'… Read More


Farah N.

Mission Viejo, CA

I was denied private insurance because of my pre-existing condition of breast cancer after I lost my job 2 years ago. In order to be able to keep up w… Read More


Wendy S.

Ceres, CA

I'm over 65 on a Medicare Advantage plan and was pleasantly surprised the last time I went for a physical that it was completely free along with all t… Read More


Erik H.

Canoga Park, CA

When I was growing up, my neighbor was a gun enthusiast. He drove a tow truck, had three kids and a wife. He liked to drink, at the very least.<b… Read More


Destiny S.

Hi Vista, CA

My name is Destiny Smith, I live in Lancaster CA; I was 14 years old when I got a call that told me my brother was shot in his face. My grandmother an… Read More


Mariana L.

Granada Hills, CA

My parents came from Mexico; my husband's parents came from Ireland. I have an MBA; he is an Attorney; our four children are College educated (a lawye… Read More


Arieh W.

Pacific Grove, CA

I have had the same insurance plan for 23 years and have been unable to change because of a pre-existing condition. My plan kept going up and up in c… Read More


Stephen R.

Sacramento, CA

Mr. President, I am 18 years old and I live in Sacramento, California. I am a strong supporter of yo… Read More