Mara P.

La Mesa, CA

What the president's reelection meant to me is that my nine-year-old, autistic son, Max, will never… Read More


John C.

Santa Ynez, CA

I live in the Santa Ynez Valley of Central Coast California. We are definitely experiencing the affects of climate change. The alteration of path of… Read More


Lindsay A.

Orange, CA

On November 3, 2012 I'm marrying Daniel - the most incredible, generous and loving man I've ever met. Daniel was brought to America at the age of 4. H… Read More


Karen H.

Los Angeles, CA

I arrived in the US in September of 1952, at the age of 2, with my mom, my dad, and my older brother and sister. We traveled from Great Britain on th… Read More

One of THE greatest games I've ever been to. #USA v Argentina #basketball. These 2 were in front of me. We were the loudest US supporters in the entire section. Unforgettable evening. #olympics #londo

Nathan A.

Tustin, CA

My father came to the US in the early 90s as an immigrant sponsored by his company. He started out w… Read More


Anshu S.

San Francisco, CA

2 brothers and 1 sister. My brother is an Australian citizen and Indian by birth. Here for a year, w… Read More

Brandon bo! Happy birthday! Miss you everyday

Morgan M.

Los Angeles, CA

My brother, Brandon McClelland, was only 18 years old when he was murdered. He was hanging out with… Read More

My mother and father back in 1990. I was a happy baby, so i'm sure the camera person didn't have to try hard to make me smile:D It's necessary to go down memory lane sometimes...

Caroline C.

Goleta, CA

I have an interesting heritage and I love the ethnic and cultural diversity in my life.<br />M… Read More

I have taken a wife! And she's rad

Corrie S.

San Diego, CA

I am organizing for action because my wife and I (legally wed!) believe in you, and that you truly c… Read More


Deanna S.

Chico, CA

A chance. That is all any immigrant seeking a life in this country wants. A chance.

IFFCA Red carpet with my awesome actors, Danielle Spring and Jared Vandenberg :-) - I Never said I love you

Olavo J.

Los Angeles, CA

My story began back in 2007, when I came from Brazil to United States. I came with work visa. It sou… Read More

My 3 lOvEs<3

Nancy S.

Oxnard, CA

I was born in California, but my parents immigrated from Mexico back in 1989. I married a wonderful… Read More


Nicole (.

Rocklin, CA

I'm a second generation Mexican-American. My maternal grandparents crossed the Mexican border to Arizona. Grandpa's mother was single raising childr… Read More


Dylan P.

Campbell, CA

Today would've been my younger brother's 23rd birthday. However it is not because Rory was the victim of gun violence in Northern California a few mon… Read More


Tom K.

San Diego, CA

My father is from a small village in Northern Iraq which is made up of mostly Chaldean Catholics and always dreamt of coming to America. He used to wa… Read More