Here are 5 easy things you can do right now to support this grassroots campaign.

  1. Join Small Business Owners for Obama on Dashboard

    Connect with other small business owners and get involved with the campaign in your community by joining Dashboard, our online organizing hub.

  2. Get Informed

    Download fact sheets that will help you speak out for President Obama.

    President Obama's Accomplishments for Small Business » How Obamacare Helps Small Businesses » The Choice for Small Business Owners: Moving Forward or Going Backward »
  3. Show your support

    Download printable signs and online badges to show that you're a small business owner who stands with the President.


    Online graphics

  4. Tell your story

    Share the story of why you're a Small Business Owner for Obama.

    Tell your story »
  5. Volunteer

    Help get out the vote by participating in a canvass or phone bank near you.

    Volunteer »