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  • Welcome to Mitt Romney's convention reinvention

    Over the next four days, Republicans from across the country will gather in Tampa, Florida to rally around the Romney-Ryan ticket in an effort to redefine Mitt Romney.

    As the Republicans seek a do-over, they'll twist the facts about Romney and President Obama. We’re here to set the record straight. “Wrong for the Middle Class” will be your one-stop shop for all the information you'll need to cut through the RNC’s slick packaging to learn and share the truth about Romney's record and vision for our country.

    We’ll be following the whole convention, so check the site throughout the week for real-time updates, previews, and round-ups as well as live-tweets and fact-checks of all the convention's speeches and events.

    Follow @Truthteam2012 to get the facts behind what the speakers are saying. @BarackObama and @Obama2012 will be keeping supporters informed about the key moments.

    Make sure to follow @TheDemocrats for live updates and interviews from the floor. And remember, every time you hear something you don't like, you can fight back immediately—to donate $10 to the campaign, text GIVE to 62262 and tell your friends to do the same (message and data rates may apply, up to six messages a month).

    Mitt Romney will try to use the convention to rewrite his long history of throwing the middle class under the bus and distract Americans from his vision for taking us back to the failed top-down economic policies of the past. Check this site to get the facts and make sure your voice is heard.