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A Milestone

By Jeremy Bird, National Field Director on

The President's 50th birthday is coming up on August 4th. But he doesn't need a post on his Facebook wall.

The President has been clear that while he focuses on the job he was elected to do, he's relying on us to get this campaign off the ground. The best gift any of us can give him is real organizing to bring more people into this campaign.

So here's a challenge: Do you think you can bring 50 new people into this campaign for President Obama's 50th birthday on August 4th?

You decide what sort of organizing is right for you:

  • you can collect 50 "I'm in" commitments;
  • you can inspire 50 donors to give;
  • or you can get 50 people to attend a campaign event or events.

You can even do some of each. It's your choice.

If you accept the challenge, get started here.

Once you start reaching out to people, we'll help track your progress for you, invite you to a conference call to share tips and encouragement, and let you know as you reach milestones on the way to 50.

When you reach your goal of 50 new people, we'll enter your name into a drawing to join the President, his family, and other supporters at his 50th birthday celebration in Chicago next month.

The deadline to reach your goal of 50 new supporters is July 28th, just a few days before the President's birthday. So let's get moving—there are 50 people out there who need to hear from you.

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