The President believes Congress should pass the DREAM Act, which would allow responsible young immigrants who came here as children, and were raised as Americans, to earn a path to citizenship by going to college or serving in the military. An overwhelming majority of Democrats voted for the DREAM Act, but Republicans stood in lock-step against it.

President Obama has also taken immediate action to tackle some of our most pressing immigration issues, moving the focus of immigration enforcement’s limited resources away from the "low-priority" cases like DREAMers, veterans, the elderly, and spouses of active U.S. military personnel, and the Administration has also proposed a change in policy that would help keep families together as they pursue legal status in the United States.

Giving All Students A Shot

Fact: Along with proposing other common-sense immigration reforms, President Obama is committed to giving the hundreds of thousands of hardworking students who aren’t yet American citizens a chance to earn their citizenship.