Obama for America Releases Spanish Language TV Ads featuring Cristina Saralegui

CHICAGO, IL - Today Obama for America launched its next set of Spanish language television ads highlighting the President's record on issues of particular importance to Latinos, focusing on affordable healthcare and policies which have strengthened Latino families and communities. The ads feature Cristina Saralegui, a seasoned journalist who endorsed the President this week and is recognized as one of the most influential role models in the Latino community.

In the ads, which will air in Nevada, Colorado and Florida, Saralegui highlights the President's record on healthcare -- a record that includes making affordable coverage available for up to nine million previously uninsured Hispanics by 2014; enabling 736,000 young Hispanics to stay on their parents' health insurance plans; strengthening Medicare so that 1.2 million Hispanic beneficiaries can receive free preventive screenings and affordable prescription drugs; and making sure that millions of Hispanics will no longer be denied insurance or charged more for insurance because of their gender or pre-existing condition.

Saralegui has dedicated her professional career to stressing the importance of Hispanic women and families living healthy and self-empowered lifestyles. Saralegui's endorsement this week marked the first time that she has endorsed a presidential candidate or actively participated in a presidential campaign. For 21 years, Cristina and "The Cristina Show" entertained, uplifted, and educated the Hispanic community in the U.S. and throughout the world.