Obama for America Releases New Television and Radio Ad: “Crítico”

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CHICAGO -- Obama for America released a new television and radio advertisement today titled “Crítico” featuring the First Lady, Michelle Obama and Cristina Saralegui.  The ad highlights the importance of Latino voter participation and why it is critical that Latinos come out and vote for President Obama on November 6th.

President Obama’s record includes making affordable coverage available for up to nine million previously uninsured Hispanics by 2014; doubling Pell Grant funding so 150,000 more Hispanic students can afford college while making it easier for them to pay back their loans and a true commitment to working with Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform and creating a legal immigration system that rewards hard work and demands responsibility. “Critico” also gives state specific early voting and voting information.

“Crítico”  will air on radio and television in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.

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CHICAGO—Obama for America released a new set of Spanish language television and radio advertisements titled “El Candado” and “Pedir Prestado,” exposing the effects that Romney’s education plan would have on Latino students across the United States .

Under a Romney presidency, up to two million Hispanic students could see their Pell grants cut by almost a thousand dollars, thousands more would lose their federal work-study programs, and his plan to repeal student loan reform would result in less funds community colleges that serve over 6.6 million Hispanic students nationwide. What’s Romney’s solution for students who are concerned about paying for college or getting ahead?  He’s told them to “shop around” or “borrow money” from their parents.

President Obama, on the other hand, has made education a national priority, working to ensure America is on track to out-educate the rest of the world and that our workers are prepared to compete in the global economy. The President reformed the student loan program and doubled Pell Grant funding helping 150,000 more Hispanic students over the next decade better afford college while making it easier for borrowers to pay back their student loans.

“El Candado” will air in television stations in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia.

El Candado

“Pedir Prestado” will air in radio stations in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia. 

A version of “Pedir Prestado”


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CHICAGO— Obama for America released two new television advertisements today titled “De Eso Nada” and “Pagar la Cuenta”. “De Eso Nada,” features Cristina Saralegui and underscores how President Obama took steps to prevent another Great Depression and is working to strengthen the economy from the middle class out, while Mitt Romney wants to take us back to the same economic policies that brought us to the brink of collapse.  “Pagar la Cuenta”, featuring Nydia Menendez, a Puerto Rican lawyer from Florida, talks about Romney’s opposition to the much celebrated nomination of the first Latina justice, Sonia Sotomayor, to the Supreme Court.

“De eso Nada” will air in Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.

“Pagar la Cuenta” will air in Florida.

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CHICAGO, IL - Today Obama for America launched the next series in a set of Spanish language television and radio ads highlighting the Presidents accomplishments on issues of particular importance to Latinos. The ads feature Cristina Saralegui, a seasoned journalist who endorsed the President and is an influential role model in the Latino community.

In the ads, which will air in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia, Saralegui highlights some of the President’s accomplishments on education, healthcare, the economy and national security.  That record includes creating 4.4 million jobs in the private sector over the past 28 months, keeping 2 million Latinos out of poverty, expanding access to healthcare for millions of Hispanic families and keeping federal student-loan rates low so more students can afford to pursue higher education to improve their lives. Saralegui also emphasizes the President's record on national security, including responsibly ending the war in Iraq and bringing Osama bin laden to justice.

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