FLASHBACK: Martinez Said Romney’s Policies “Alienated” Hispanic Voters

FLASHBACK: Martinez Said Romney’s Policies “Alienated” Hispanic Voters

Despite her primetime speaking role tonight, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez hasn’t always had kind words for Mitt Romney and his policies. In May, she criticized Romney’s extreme immigration platform and support for “self-deportation”, saying that they helped alienate Hispanic voters.


NM Gov. Susana Martinez: “‘Self-Deport?’ What The Heck Does That Mean? I Have No Doubt Hispanics Have Been Alienated During This Campaign.” “[Susana] Martinez seems to agree. As we sit down at a local Starbucks, I ask about immigration. It’s a topic she has been reluctant to discuss since winning the Republican primary in 2010, so what comes next is surprising: a battle plan that contradicts nearly everything the GOP has been doing and saying since 2007, Romney’s ‘self-deportation’ strategy included. ‘Self-deport?’ What the heck does that mean?’ Martinez snaps. ‘I have no doubt Hispanics have been alienated during this campaign. But now there’s an opportunity for Gov. Romney to have a sincere conversation about what we can do and why.’” [The Daily Beast, 05/14/12]


New York Times Editorial: Romney Lifted His Self-Deportation Scheme From Kris Kobach “The Mastermind Of A Host Of Crackdowns That Seek To Leave Unauthorized Immigrants Not Just Unable To Work, But Unable To Drive, Rent Or Heat A Home, Afraid To Take Children To School Or The Doctor.” The New York Times editorial board wrote of Romney’s support of self-deportation policies: “Mr. Romney lifted this scheme from a campaign adviser, Kris Kobach, the mastermind of a host of crackdowns that seek to leave unauthorized immigrants not just unable to work, but unable to drive, rent or heat a home, afraid to take children to school or the doctor.” [Editorial, New York Times, 2/20/12]

Kansas Secretary Of State Kris Kobach, A Romney Adviser: “I Have Advised Romney Directly, And His Team Around Him, That Attrition Through Enforcement Has Been Working, That Self-Deportation Has Been Observed In Arizona And Alabama, And That This Really Does Need To Be A Part Of Our National Effort.”  "’I have advised Romney directly, and his close team around him, that attrition through enforcement has been working, that self-deportation has been observed in Arizona and Alabama, and that this really does need to be part of our national effort,’ he said.  Kobach added that ‘you could reasonably expect that in the first four years of a new administration, if attrition through enforcement were made the centrepiece of national immigration policy, you could see the illegal alien population cut in half.’"  [The Guardian, 2/24/12]

Romney Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom On Romney’s Immigration Plan: “Cut Off Their Employment, If They Can’t Get Work, If They Can’t Get Benefits Like In State Tuition, They Will Leave”… “Shut Off Access To The Job Market, And They Will Self Retreat. They Will Go To Their Native Countries.”  “Finally, after I asked the question for a seventh time, Fehrnstrom responded by emphasizing employer enforcement as a way to get illegal immigrants to leave through attrition. ‘Well, if you cut off their employment, if they can’t get work, if they can’t get benefits like in state tuition, they will leave,’ he said. I asked if that would take care of all of the illegal immigrants, and he said, ‘Enough of them would leave that it wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is today.’ Just to be clear, I wanted to know about those that still could remain under such a scenario. ‘I just answered your question Phil, and you keep hectoring me about it,’ he snapped. ‘You turn off the magnets, no in state tuition, no benefits of any kind, no employment. You put in place an employment verification system with penalties for employers that hire illegals, that will shut off access to the job market, and they will self retreat. They will go to their native countries.’” [Washington Examiner, 11/22/11]

New York Times Editorial: Romney’s Scheme For Fixing Immigration Is “Self-Deportation” – Mass Expulsion Through Making The Lives Of Immigrants “Unbearable.” “Mitt Romney has moved farthest to the fringe. His scheme for fixing immigration is mass expulsion: a fantasy of ridding the country of 11 million unauthorized immigrants by making their lives unbearable. The key to his harsh vision is ‘self-deportation,’ the deceptively bland-sounding policy that he introduced at a debate. It accepts that arresting and expelling so many millions would be impossible — like deporting the State of Ohio. But it replaces that delusion with another: That people can be made miserable enough to leave on their own.” [Editorial, New York Times, 2/20/12]

New York Times Editorial: “In States Where ‘Self-Deportation’ Is Official Policy, The Results Have Been Deplorable” And “Have Caused A Civil-Rights Emergency.” “In states where ‘self-deportation’ is official policy, the results have been deplorable. In Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County sweeps neighborhoods making mass arrests, and people are afraid to leave home. In Alabama, farm and construction workers have fled by the thousands; tornado victims are afraid to go to a shelter. These laws hijack the federal government’s responsibility for immigration and have caused a civil-rights emergency. But Mr. Romney’s response has been to condemn the Obama Justice Department for fighting them in court.” [Editorial, New York Times, 2/20/12]

Sen. John McCain, A Romney Endorser: “Self-Deportation” Is Not A Humane Way To Treat Undocumented Immigrants In The United States. RAMOS: “You’re talking about a humane way. Is self-deportation a humane way to treat 11 million undocumented immigrants?” McCAIN: “No. I think there are some people who want to leave this country and return to the country they came from, but obviously it requires a broader solution than that, and we all know that.” [Al Punto, Univision, 2/5/12]