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Women’s Voices: Steva

By Mike on


Steva is a mother, veterinarian, and OFA-Pennsylvania neighborhood team leader from Lewisburg. Here is why she’s supporting President Obama this year:

“One of the biggest reasons I support this President is the great energy that he brings to the office each and every day. As a leader he is hopeful, upbeat, and open to new ideas about how to solve problems and his attitude is contagious. I try to apply those same character traits to my own life. When I think about our future as a nation I don’t want to be depressed or scared, I want to be positive—and that’s the way President Obama makes me feel.

“Passing health care reform was also a monumental accomplishment to me. I believe that everyone in this country deserves access to affordable health insurance. Lack of coverage is not only a financial burden on families, but an emotional one as well. When people don’t have their basic health needs met it leads to bankruptcy, depression, and a feeling of helplessness. President Obama knows that as a country we’re better than that, and he fought to make things right.

“For those reasons and so many more I am working as hard as I can to elect President Obama to four more years in office.“

Join Steva in protecting the progress we’ve made by volunteering during the final weeks of this campaign. Your help will make a difference in this close election.


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