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Women’s voices: Carol

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Carol, a neighborhood team leader from Allentown, is a proud supporter of President Obama and a survivor of cancer.

"This is a President with a significant record of accomplishment. Health care reform is extremely important to me because of my ongoing battle with cancer. It gives me peace of mind to know that I cannot be denied coverage because of my preexisting condition. Obamacare also eliminated lifetime limits on insurance coverage, which was a major concern for me. I’m quickly approaching the age where I will be covered under Medicare and this President has protected and strengthened that program as well.

“President Obama has consistently fought for me, and I’m proud to be volunteering and voting for him. For my family and me the hope we felt in 2008 has never left. We’ve seen what this President has done, and we know what’s in his heart to continue to do.”

Follow Carol’s lead by fighting for President Obama over the final two weeks of this campaign. Your help could be the difference between winning and losing come Election Day.

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