The one that makes the difference on Election Day

“That one new voter you register in your precinct, that one neighbor you help get to the polls on November 6th — that could be the one that makes the difference on Election Day.”
First Lady Michelle Obama

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  • “How could you ask for a better First Lady?”

    By Noah on

    Audience members in Charlotte on Tuesday

    From their cheers, their “We love Michelle” signs, and their standing ovations, it was clear that the folks in the audience loved the First Lady’s speech in Charlotte last night. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

    “I thought it was so wonderful and emotional. She lifted our hopes—that’s what we need to keep marching ahead.”
    —Betty, Florida

    “Michelle Obama was outstanding—she made me cry. How could you ask for a better First Lady? She showed us what kind of man the President really is and she touched everyone’s heart. I think I’m going to cry again.”
    —Kathy, Idaho

    “She told the story that is America.”
    —Carlos, Washington D.C.

    “I thought the First Lady was absolutely amazing. She really hit on the stark contrasts between Mitt Romney and President Obama in terms of values. I hope a lot of people heard that.”
    —Michelle, Maryland

    “She was just great. She spoke to everyone—not just women. Promises were made, and promises were kept.”
    —Jane, Illinois

    If you’re also feeling fired up by the First Lady’s speech, do something about it—commit to vote today.