The one that makes the difference on Election Day

“That one new voter you register in your precinct, that one neighbor you help get to the polls on November 6th — that could be the one that makes the difference on Election Day.”
First Lady Michelle Obama

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  • “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play our trumpets for the First Lady!”

    By Melanie on

    The First Lady

    At Upper Dublin High School in Pennsylvania, students and families came out to hear the First Lady speak—and some lucky band members got a chance to welcome her to the stage.

    Noah, Andrew, Wilson, and Andi“It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play our trumpets for the First Lady!”
    —Noah, Andrew, Wilson, and Andi, students at Upper Dublin High School

    “My band director called us yesterday and asked if we'd like to play for the First Lady! Who says no to something like that?”
    —Abbey, student at Upper Dublin High School

    Carol“I'm excited because I want to see change continue to occur. We have to band together and re-elect President Obama.”
    —Carol, volunteer leader

    “I'm excited to see the First Lady because she represents middle-class people.”

    “I'm here because it's the First Lady! And I know Cole really wanted to see her.”
    —Jamie, with his son Cole

    “We have 12 grandchildren, and her programs for children have been really inspirational to all of us.”
    —Avis and Johnnie

  • Angela takes the First Lady’s advice to heart

    By Melanie on

    Nancy, Angela, and Wallace

    For the It Takes One weekend of action, the First Lady asked supporters to volunteer and bring one new person along. Angela, a first-time volunteer herself, brought two. Here’s how Angela got involved, and how she inspired her mom Nancy and her friend Wallace to join, too.

    Angela: Back in May, I knew I wanted to really be a part of the campaign here in Chicago, but didn’t know where to start. So I signed up online, got some information, and then right away I heard from Charles, a community organizer for OFA-Illinois. Every week he sent me an email update, letting me know about all of the events going on, and he got me on Dashboard so I could be in the loop that way, too. He was always offering me different opportunities, which I felt was really welcoming. He was the first face of OFA-Illinois for me. I went to a few open houses, but this canvassing trip to Dubuque, Iowa for the weekend of action was my first time volunteering in a truly hands-on way.

    Nancy: Angela told me about this canvassing opportunity she was really gung-ho about. And then she said, “Want to go?” and of course I said yes. I’ve been a supporter from the very beginning, so I couldn’t have been more excited to go with her.

    Wallace: Angela brought it up to me as a cool thing to do, and she said that she had met a lot of great people on the campaign so far. It was something I’d never done, so I thought, why not give it a try? And I totally support President Obama, so it wasn’t hard for me to say yes. I didn’t volunteer in the last presidential election, but I think the older you get, and the more things you see happen in the world, you realize you can’t wait. If you know that helping out in any small way can be beneficial, you just need to.

    Angela: It was inspiring to see the amount of people who came out to Dubuque to canvass, and the variety of people, too—young and old, people of different races.

    Nancy: My big takeaway was the investment that everyone put into that day. The dedication of this group to wake up early and drive to Iowa, the thoughtfulness of the Iowa volunteers we met, having food and water waiting for us after a day of canvassing … it was incredible.

    When I got in the van to go back to Chicago, I just had so much hope. We may hear negative things on the news about this election, but once you start meeting the people who are out there, caring for others, and making genuine investments of their time, you come away feeling so inspired.

    Angela: Absolutely. It was such a positive experience. And it was easy to invite people to volunteer—especially for a canvassing trip. It was kind of a big adventure, and it was so much fun to do as a big group.

    Since their first canvassing trip, Wallace has stopped by his local field office to make calls, Angela has become a digital contributor for OFA-Illinois, and Nancy is looking forward to the next event. Join Dashboard to see how you how can get involved in your neighborhood.

  • Singing for the First Lady

    By Colin on

    First Lady Michelle Obama

    What's it like to sing the national anthem in front of a packed crowd, with First Lady Michelle Obama waiting in the wings? Glinda, a local supporter, got a chance to find out at yesterday's campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Glinda"When I was asked if I would be willing to sing the national anthem, I thought someone was playing a joke on me. I was in disbelief. Of course, I didn't have to think twice. I was honored. It was a life-changing experience; like one of those things you would have on your list.

    “I believe in President Obama's vision. He is my President. I don't know how anyone could be confused about all of the great things that have been accomplished. His record speaks for itself. I'm confident in his ability to lead our country forward. I'm ready to go knock on doors and make phone calls.”

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  • It Takes One in Greensboro

    By Melanie on

    Michelle Obama in Greensboro, North Carolina

    First Lady Michelle Obama pumped up a crowd of supporters in Greensboro, North Carolina, today, where she talked about It Takes One—a campaign effort to encourage people to bring one new person on board. Here’s what a few audience members thought of the speech:

    “It was spectacular. She very much motivated me to go out and vote. I really like the It Takes One program. I think if everyone invites someone to vote who has never registered or never voted before, we can win this election."

    Stephanie“It's a wonderful program. It motivates people. I feel like a lot of times campaigns feel too big and I can't possibly make a difference, but she's laid out a plan with small things that anyone can do. It feels attainable. It feels like I can make a difference. I'm a little introverted, so going out and canvassing feels intimidating to me. But reaching out to one person feels absolutely doable. There's no reason I can't do that, then do it again tomorrow. ”

    Katredia“The It Takes One program is awesome, and it's really what we need to do. You never know who you might bring in—and that one person can make a difference.”

    “It's a great idea. If everyone brings someone, just think of how that will add up. I'm absolutely going to reach out to my one person today.”

    Find a volunteer event near you—and think of one new person to bring along.

  • Road tripping to Iowa

    By Melanie on

    For some states, the It Takes One weekend of action was a chance for volunteers to reach voters in their own neighborhoods. But for volunteers in other parts of the country, it was a chance to offer a helping hand to neighbor states.

    Over 30 volunteers in downtown Chicago made the road trip to Dubuque, Iowa—part of the largest canvassing trip to Iowa since 2008. Check out some of the photos:

    Charles, a canvassing pro, gets caffeinated for the drive to Iowa.
    Charles, a canvassing pro, gets caffeinated for the drive to Iowa.

    Crossing the Mississippi
    Crossing the Mississippi

    A warm welcome from the Dubuque field office

    Matt, a local organizer, training the group on canvassing
    "The election in Iowa is in 60 days. We need to make sure people know that.”—Matt, a local organizer, training the group on canvassing.

    Handing out the walk packets
    Handing out the walk packets

    After hitting the streets of rural Dubuque, a few canvassers meet some Donkeys for Obama.
    After hitting the streets of rural Dubuque, a few canvassers meet some Donkeys for Obama.

    Pit stop in Rockford, Illinois for some ice cream and a group photo.
    Pit stop in Rockford, Illinois for some ice cream and a group photo.

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