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  • Native Americans come together to support President Obama

    By Nicholas Probst, OpVote Regional Director on

    From day one, President Obama has moved Indian Country forward by strengthening the government-to-government relationship that defines our work together. He is committed to improving tribal economic and health security – from signing landmark health care reform that makes quality health care accessible to more Native Americans, to the HEARTH Act that gives tribes greater control over their own lands, to the Tribal Law and Order Act that better addresses the unique public safety challenges in tribal communities. The President has proven time and again that he is a strong advocate for Indian Country.

    Native American leaders across the country are endorsing the President’s re-election, and the campaign is proud to announce the support of the tribes listed above.

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  • Indian Country Today Q&A with the President

    By Nicholas Probst, OpVote Regional Director on

    Last Thursday, President Obama sat down and answered questions from Indian Country Today Media Network -- a historic conversation between a sitting president and Native media. During the Q&A, President Obama demonstrated his clear commitment to Indian Country through his record from the previous four years, as well as his plans for another term.

    President Obama is committed to making sure Native Americans have a voice in the White House. For the next four years, let’s make sure we have a President who stands for all Americans.

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  • Volunteer for President Obama

    By Nicholas Probst, OpVote Regional Director on

    Linda Yardley, Obama for America volunteer, and Debra Haaland, New Mexico Native American Vote Director, spoke with Taos Pueblo volunteers during a visit by OFA National Political Director, Katherine Archuleta.

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