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Ellie R. runs her small farm and is a summer fellow for OFA in Missoula

By Thomas L. on


Ellie R. meets with a prospective volunteer during a recent Open House at the Missoula Obama For America headquarters

Ellie R. first saw Barack Obama when he was on TV, giving a speech before Congress.

"I turned to my husband and said, 'I think that guy should be our next president.' I could see the intelligence and the passion," she says. Soon after, Obama gave his famous 2004 speech to the Democratic Convention and, four years later, Ellie got her wish.

Ellie is a Missoula native who lives on a small farm not far from town. She volunteered on the 2008 campaign and, when she quit her job last year, she began looking for a way to contribute to the 2012 campaign. When an opportunity to be a summer fellow arose, she jumped on it.

I truly believe that Barack Obama is the only president I’ve seen in my lifetime who cares about the people first.
If you care, volunteer.
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