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Stories of the Recovery

From Youngstown to Cincinnati, the auto recovery has meant one thing for Ohio: jobs. Read on to see the real impact President Obama’s decision to save the auto industry has had on the lives of everyday Ohioans

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  • Youngstown, OH

Joseph F.Mahoning Valley

Joseph Fleming didn't just see his Valley bounce back after President Obama's auto industry rescue: he saw 900 jobs saved.

"I was part-owner of a Logistics Company with over 400 employees dedicated to a GM operation in the Mahoning Valley. We also had 500 truck drivers primarily focused on the auto industry-all of those jobs were saved.

"It's not just the auto workers who benefited from the auto rescue-it's the entire Mahoning Valley."

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Facts from the auto recovery in Ohio

  • 53,700Average yearly salary for workers in Ohio’s auto industry—compared to private sector average of $38,500
  • 563,000Number of cars built in Ohio in 2011—that’s more than one-sixth of U.S. output
  • 1 in 8Ohioans have jobs supported by the auto industry
  • 120,000Estimated number of Ohio workers directly employed by motor vehicle and parts industry