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Welcome to Latinos for Obama

As a member of the fastest-growing community in the country, you will play a key role in re-electing President Obama. We hope you will use the resources on this page to learn more about the campaign, to lead discussions about the issues that matter most to you and your family, and to help us grow the Latinos for Obama program in 2012.

The Latino vote helped propel Barack Obama to victory in 2008, but there’s even more at stake this time around. That’s why you have to get involved.

Over the last four years, President Obama has been focused on restoring basic economic security to Hispanics and all Americans. He has been fighting for a future where everyone who works hard and does their fair share gets a shot at the American dream. That means access to affordable health care for 9 million uninsured Latinos, doubled funding for Pell Grants so that 150,000 additional Hispanic youth and families can afford a college education, and safeguarding Social Security and Medicare for the millions of Hispanic seniors who have invested in and depend on these programs.

As you know, our victory depends on people like you spreading the word—talking to your friends, neighbors and families about the President’s accomplishments—and that’s exactly what members of Latinos for Obama will do. Not only will these conversations lead us to victory in November, but they’ll empower our community for years to come.

President Obama is on our side and we have made real progress, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. Together we can continue to make the United States a country where economic security is valued, and a country where our children and grandchildren can succeed.

Estamos unidos.