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  • Five things every Latino voter needs to know before casting their ballot

    By Melissa on

    Latinos will be a deciding factor in this election – and the outcome will have a long-lasting impact on our community for years to come. Before heading to the polls, here are five things every Latino voter should know before casting their ballot.

  • 1. President Obama is lifting the shadow of deportation from young, hardworking immigrants who were brought here as children, and is committed to comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Mitt Romney would be the most extreme ticket on immigration in modern history, having pledged to veto the DREAM Act, and refuse help for many immigrants who came here as children.

  • 2. President Obama cut taxes by $3,600 for the typical middle class family making $50,000 a year over his first term.

  • Mitt Romney could require raising taxes on middle class families with kids by $2000 to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.

  • 3. President Obama improved Medicare by adding free preventive care, saving seniors an average of $600 last year, and extended the life of Medicare by 8 years by eliminating $716 billion in waste, fraud, and abuse.

  • Mitt Romney would end Medicare as we know it, eliminating guaranteed benefits and turning Medicare into a voucher program—which could increase costs for seniors more than $6,000 each year by shifting costs to seniors.

  • 4. President Obama set a goal to cut tuition growth in half over the next decade with a plan to double campus-based student aid and incentives for schools that are successful at keeping tuition growth down.

  • As Governor, Mitt Romney made deep cuts to higher education - by the end of his term, college costs had skyrocketed, with fees at state colleges and universities increasing 63%.

  • 5. President Obama has a long-term economic plan to invest in education, small businesses, clean energy, infrastructure, and tax cuts for companies that bring jobs back to the U.S.

  • Mitt Romney’s plan would add $5 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the rich, either increasing the deficit or requiring tax increases on the middle class.

    Read the President’s plan for the next four years here—and then pass it on to everyone you know.