Romney Economics: Raising taxes and fees on the middle class

Mitt Romney said he wouldn’t raise taxes when he ran for governor of Massachusetts, but in office Romney raised or created more than 1,000 taxes and fees.

Just some of the fees raised:

  • Created a $10 fee for a “Certificate of Blindness” issued by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. [Source: 2003 Massachusetts Budget]
  • Increased the fee for milk laboratory certification from $75 to $150. [Source: 2003 MA regulations]
  • Increased the cremation inspection fee from $50 to $75. [Source: 2003 Massachusetts Session Laws]
  • Increased the municipal police training committee fee from $2,300 to $2,500. [Source: 2006 Massachusetts budget]
  • Increased the fee for a mammography facility x-ray machine license from $100 to $300. [Source: 2003 MA regulations]
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