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  • Gotta Vote in Southern Minnesota

    By Jake Levy-Pollans, Digital Director on

    State Auditor Rebecca Otto and State Rep. Jim Davnie spent Friday driving around Southern Minnesota to three Gotta Vote events.

    The first stop, at a coffee shop in Albert Lea, gave Rep. Davnie a chance to lay out the stakes in this election:

    "Folks in Albert Lea gotta vote. From energy to agricultural, we've come too far to turn back now."

    Later, at Rochester Community and Technical College, Otto and Davnie met a young, aspiring musician named Kalin. Kalin stopped by a Gotta Vote for Education roundtable and explained that he was an undecided voter.


    I just haven't focused much on the race, and friends and family have been giving me a lot of different views. As a person of faith, I'm just trying to figure out which candidate better represents my values.

    Otto and Davnie, talked with Kalin for a few minutes. They talked about President Obama's education policy that's giving kids all across the country the opportunity for success. They talked about the economic growth under President Obama that's helping families all over Minnesota. And they talked about how President Obama ended the War in Iraq responsibly and brought our troops home.

    By the end, one new voter was ready to support President Obama, "Before today I wasn't sure, but the choice really is clear, President Obama gets the golden rule. As a Christian, he understands how important it is to give others opportunities. I'm going to vote for President Obama on Election Day." Kalin left with an Obama button.

    At the final stop in Winona, Otto and Davnie took a moment to snap a picture at one of the town's beautiful parks.


    You've gotta vote, make sure you have a plan for Election Day.

  • Gotta Vote at the University of Minnesota Duluth

    By on

    UMD Gotta Vote

    With less than two weeks before Minnesotans head to the polls, The Heartland RV headed to the University of Minnesota Duluth for a major Gotta Vote event with Senator Klobuchar, Senator Franken, Mayor Rybak, and Auditor Otto for .

    I know something about close elections, and this election could be just as close. Many of you are students: for the next 13 days I want you to ignore your studies and volunteer. Thank you for your passion, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for what you'll be doing over the next 13 days, let's go win this thing!

    - Senator Al Franken

    With so little time left and so much work to do, the task ahead for supporters is to make sure people get out and vote.

    Over the next two weeks, I hope you'll work just as hard for President Obama as he's worked for you these past four years.

    - Mayor RT. Rybak

    It's my job to make sure the numbers add up, and Mitt Romney's math just doesn't work. President Obama gets that the middle class is the backbone of our economy. I love to dance, so give me a reason to dance, to celebrate, on election night.

    - State Auditor Rebecca Otto

    There's a lot at stake, there's a lot to do, but our work is to keep moving America forward.

    This is our moment: manufacturing is coming back, jobs are coming back, and Barack Obama has a vision to keep moving America forward. President Obama's vision has always been to do what's best for the American people.

    - Senator Klobuchar.

    Don't let these next twelve days go by without getting involved. Volunteer to get out the vote.

  • The Heartland RV, Rolling Again in Minnesota

    By on


    The Heartland RV is spending the week traveling to “Gotta Vote” events around Minnesota. With just two weeks before Election Day, Minnesotans know there are plenty of reasons to head to the polls:

    If you believe in equal pay for equal work, you gotta vote. If you believe in an economy built from the middle class out, you gotta vote. If you believe in great schools and a strong infrastructure, you gotta vote. And you gotta vote for Barack Obama.

    -State Rep. Terry Morrow.

    According to Congressman Keith Ellison, it's important work:

    The RV will travel thousands of miles and make over forty stops, but the most important number is one. It's those individual conversations, and everyone's individual vote that's going to make all the difference this election.


    On November 6, Minnesotans will have to make an important choice about the presidential election, and races up and down the ticket.

    Minnesota was known as a progressive state, a state that really works. We need to take back our state legislature for the DFL. We want to wake up on Nov 7th with an Obama victory, reelecting our US Senator Amy Klobuchar, with a DFL majority in the legislature and having defeated those two hateful amendments.

    - St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman

    Help us get out the vote, volunteer today.

  • Hello (again) Wisconsin! The #Heartland2012 Tour is Back!

    By Josh on


    Starting down in Kenosha and Racine and then north up to Brown County, the Heartland Tour has embarked on an encore trip to Wisconsin this week. Joined by actor Kurtwood Smith of That 70's Show fame and local elected officials, crowds have been getting fired up and ready to register voters.


    We're going community to community, asking you to commit to vote and get ready for November. Find your local event here.

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