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Welcome to Gen44, the official under-40 fundraising program of Obama for America—created to cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders for the Democratic Party. Are you Gen44?

Why Gen44?

Gen44 is the official under-40 fundraising program of Obama for America comprised of the next generation of leaders, young entrepreneurs, social innovators and activists. The program started as the 2008 campaign's Generation Obama, and has grown and evolved from there. The young adult fundraising organization aims at engaging new supporters and building events for the campaign. Rather than being driven by dollar amounts, Gen44 focuses on involving as many young people as possible.

This generation's support of the President will only strengthen the larger campaign, as witnessed in 2008. We've seen the President work continuously to provide relief for struggling middle class families, and secure investments in education, research and development, and clean energy. These accomplishments speak to the direction we want our country to go.

Join Gen44 to support President Obama's reelection campaign today.